Should you Be Doing Prenatal Yoga?  

We all know that exercise is good for us, it helps keep us fit, strong, and helps get our hearts pumping just like it’s supposed to. Did you know that exercise in pregnancy is just as important too?

Exercise is great in pregnancy because it helps you stay strong and healthy, decreases stress, and helps you adapt to your new shape, whilst also keeping excess weight gain at bay. There are many different types of gentle exercise you can do during pregnancy, and whilst it’s always better to keep to the gentle forms, discuss any concerns or questions you have with your doctor or midwife, to make sure that you are picking the best form of exercise for your body and your baby.

We all know that conventional yoga has many beneficial health effects, keeping you flexible, toning muscles, improving balance and circulation, and decreasing stress levels, but you can also do yoga during pregnancy, provided you avoid certain poses which could cause damage or pain.

So, should you be doing prenatal yoga?

Well, there is no reason why not, and the benefits are certainly there to be grabbed.

There are a few limitations to yoga during pregnancy, just like there are any with any kind of exercise. Remember to tell your instructor when you first arrive that you are pregnant, and if there is a change of instructor, tell them too. Because of this, it might be better to try and find a dedicated prenatal yoga group, rather than a conventional one, because you know the poses are going to be safe for you at this time in your life. Remember to always warm up and warm down properly to avoid injury and muscle problems, just like you would at any other time.

As well as keeping you active and healthy, yoga could have many other beneficial effects, such as helping you learn to breathe properly. That might sound like a ridiculous thing to suggest, but a lot of the time we don’t breathe adequately, and yoga helps us really fill our lungs and exhale properly; until you’ve been to a yoga class you won’t fully understand this. Understanding how to breathe properly to work through potential barriers, such as pain in labour, can help your body become stronger, and the relaxation techniques you will learn could also help you during labour too.

Staying active during pregnancy is certainly to be advised, so maybe you should be giving prenatal yoga a try?

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