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Five Books Every Expectant Mom Should Read  

We are bombarded with books, both paperbacks and e-books, on the subject of pregnancy, birth, and what to do after your baby is born, and it can be hard to whittle it down to a choice of just a few. How do you sort through the good from the bad, and if you’re going to spend cash on a book, how do you know it’s a good choice you’re making?

Below you’ll find five books that are not only top-rated by those who have tested them out, but which will also give you valuable and reliable information you can trust, to help you through this exciting and sometimes confusing time in your life.

Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn: The Complete Guide

By Penny Simkin

Penny Simkin is a highly respected midwife so you can trust the words she speaks in this book, full of informative diagrams and text, which is based on evidence. You’ll find tips on what you can and can’t do during pregnancy, exercise and food information during pregnancy, and informative sections on labour and delivery, explaining exactly what happens, before moving onto advice for the postnatal period.

The Thinking Woman’s Guide To A Better Birth

By Henci Goer & Rhonda Wheeler

The birth part of the whole process is what most people worry about, but this book gives reliable and friendly advice on what to expect, as well as information on your options, such as what happens during a hospital birth, a caesarean section, and the pain relief options available to you. The language isn’t medical-sounding, and is clear and concise. A good book for when you’re looking to put together your birth plan.

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth

By Ina May Gaskin

This is another famous name in the midwifery world, so you know you can trust the information in this book, written in a positive way, to make you feel uplifted and confident about your pregnancy and future birth. The book gives concise information again, explaining in detail what you can expect during labour and delivery, without scaring the life out of you as some medical-sounding books do!

I Am Pregnant, Not Terminally Ill, You Idiot!

By Lalita Iyer

For a funny side of pregnancy and childbirth this book will give you a laugh, whilst also giving you valuable information too. The author talks about her pregnancy experiences, with funny stories and noteworthy experiences, and information on how to deal with the changes that happen to your body and around you too.

My Pregnancy 2015

By Dr Joanna Girling & Pippa Nightingale

This book is updated every single year so you can trust the information you read to the letter. You’ll find valuable sources of information on pregnancy, labour, delivery, and what to do after the baby is born, including accounts from new moms too. A lot of questions will be answered in this book.

Put these five books on your wish list!

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