Safe and Sound: Tips in Keeping Your Baby’s Items Clean

Babies are perhaps the most fragile thing on earth ever.

So how do you clean and store all your baby’s precious stuff to keep it spotless and safe for reuse? Here are some great tips on cleaning, sanitizing, and storing the costliest of kiddo investments so you’ll feel assured using them again.


Clean all your bottles well by boiling them for not less than five minutes to sterilize them properly. Let them dry completely before storing them or using it again. Use an airtight container for storing to keep out bacteria and allergens.

Breast Pumps

Breast pumps can be super expensive, so it is recommended to store them in a safe place where you won’t lose it. Completely replace worn out tubing, connectors, and breast shields. Using cleaning items like milton sterilising tablets will keep baby products stay cleaner and last longer.

High Chairs

Here are the tips to take your high chair from gross to gleaming.

  • Use a wet rag or nontoxic cleaning wipe to quickly wipe down the seat area. Clean up any spills before they get dry and hard.
  • Hand wash your tray with dish soap and warm water.
  • Rub hardened food with warm water or a cleaning solution like a mixture of vinegar, water, and a bit of dish soap and allow to soak for a few minutes before scrubbing.
  • Use a vacuum with removable nozzle to suck up any crumbs, but you can also use a cotton swab, or an old toothbrush to pick up tiny bits of food.
  • If you have machine washable parts, by all means, throw them in the laundry, or even better, consider hand washing them.
  • Reassemble and get ready for clean eating!


A stroller is one of the biggest investments when buying baby stuff, so protect your precious ride by giving it a thorough cleaning every few months to prolong the item’s life and ensure that your baby is riding in the most sanitary stroller. Here’s how:

  • Take apart whatever pieces of the stroller that you can knock down. If you can remove the seat or bassinet, do so and also remove any accessories such as cup holders, organizers, etc.
  • Use your vacuum nozzle attachment to suck up dirt and crumbs on all fabric surfaces.
  • Use a soft towel and lukewarm water to clean your stroller’s chassis, then dry it off with a dry towel.
  • Spray some WD-40 on the brakes to prevent squeaking, and keep your stroller riding smoothly.
  • Use a soft brush to remove the dirt and sand from your stroller’s tires and any other mechanisms that may be dirty.
  • To clean a foam handlebar, wash and gently rub it with soapy water, then wipe away any residue with a dry towel.

Cribs and Mattresses

The crib is easy enough to clean with some nontoxic wood cleaning solution, or by using an acrylic cleaner. Create a homemade cleaning solution to the mattress using two parts of water and one-part vinegar with a large spoonful of laundry detergent. The detergent will wash away dirt and body oils, while the vinegar disinfects and deodorizes. Scrub and wash the mattress with the solution, wipe it down with a damp cloth to remove residue, and then let it air dry.

Now your baby will have the most sanitary stuff ever!

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