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10 Ways to Get a Family Dinner on the Table in Under 30 Minutes

Having a family is by far one of the most exhausting yet rewarding experiences in this world. It’s great to end the day with a family sit down meal but creating that meal can seem like a daunting task. Not many people have the time to spend hours cooking dinner every night and you shouldn’t have to! There are some simple and easy tricks to guarantee that you are never spending more than 30 minutes getting dinner prepared for your family.

  1. Five Ingredients Tops: The more ingredients you try to incorporate into your meal the more expensive, complicated, and time consuming the meal is going to be. Not including the bare essentials like salt, pepper, other seasonings, and olive oil, sticking to just five ingredients is a good rule of thumb. This also means using the express lane at the check out which we always love! Since you’re sticking with just a few ingredients, they have to count.
  2. Use Gadgets That Are Efficient: In the age of technology there are so many tools you can buy that will save you time and energy. Rice cookers are a great tool to add to your arsenal. Rice is filling and delicious but can be tricky to make. Rice cookers eliminate all the hassle! If you don’t already own one then go through this list of the best rice cookers and pick one to suit your budget.
  3. Pick a Recipe According to Your Time Frame: No matter how many tips we give you, there’s simply no way of cooking a full Thanksgiving dinner in under 30 minutes, it isn’t realistic. Stick to finding recipes that say they will only take 20 minutes so that you are keeping everything realistic. Read the recipe carefully and make you’re accounting for total time of cooking the entire meal.
  4. Keep a Well-Stocked Pantry: One of the biggest things that will cost you time is multiple or last minute trips to the grocery store. The more you have on hand, the better. A loaded pantry also gives you a ton more options when it gets time to cook.
  5. Cheating is Okay: Sometimes it’s just the only way to go. Pre-chopped vegetables or using canned beans can save a ton of time and usually taste just as good.
  6. No-Cook Dinners Are Everything: The actual cooking and waiting process of making your meal can be the most time consuming. Picking options like wraps, salads, sandwiches or anything of the sort are delicious and healthy and some of the fastest meals you can whip up.
  7. Stir-Fry All the Time: You can basically throw any combinations of protein, vegetables and grains together and have it turn out amazing. Vary your sauces and this will never get boring.
  8. Prep is Key: Do all the cutting, chopping, dicing before you even begin cooking. The more organized you are the faster the process will go.
  9. Your Microwave is Your Best Friend: It’s one of the most efficient things you’ve got. They’re great for making a vegetable side dish or stuffed potato in a flash.
  10. Use Small Cuts of Meat: It’s simple math! The more surface that is exposed, the faster your meat will cook cutting down on the time in shocking amounts.

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