How to Get a Little Time for Yourself in those First Six Weeks

You don’t need to be told that having a baby is the single biggest event you will ever experience in your life, so it makes total sense that during the immediate time after you give birth, life is going to change rather dramatically. You will have heard stories of endless sleepless nights, constant dirty nappies, and no time to even brush your hair, but if you at least attempt to set yourself a routine in place as much as possible during the first few weeks, you may find you have more chance of actually getting a little time for yourself.

Think it can’t be done?

Well, nobody ever said it would be easy, but there are a few things you can try in order to attempt to get a little ‘me’ time during those up in the air first six weeks.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

It’s not a weakness to admit that you’re tired, and it’s not a weakness to ask someone to help you for ten minutes, so don’t be afraid to! Your parents will probably be only too happy to get involved, in fact they’re probably chomping at the bit to do just that! Your close friends, obviously your partner, and other moms that you know – these are all potential helping factors, and those you can use as a sounding board if you’re not sure about something.

Sleep when they sleep

You’ll have heard of this one, and not everyone can manage it, simply because of over-tiredness or being constantly on high alert, but if you can manage to get an hour’s rest whilst your little bundle of joy is napping, then it’s a definite do.

Attempt to establish a routine as quickly as possible

This is not something you can do overnight, and it will take a little time as you get to know your little one and his or her likes and dislikes, but if you at least attempt to set a routine as fast as you can, then you have more chance of a smooth ride.

Make sure you eat well

You’re so focused on looking after your little one that you forget to look after yourself, but you are no good to your baby if you’re not healthy and fighting fit. Make sure you eat well as much as possible, and pick healthy choices, rather than grabbing the nearest fast food meal or a snack to keep you going. Feeling healthier gives you more energy.

Share getting up in the night

If you can, share the getting up in the night duties with your partner, to not only help make them feel involved, but obviously to share the load. You need sleep just as much as everyone else, and like the point above, you need to be healthy in order to give your baby the best start in life.

Get some fresh air

A good way to combine getting a little time for yourself and helping get your baby to sleep is to go for a walk. Exercise and fresh air are good for you, and the rocking motion of the pram will help soothe your baby to sleep. You could ask a friend to walk with you, so you get a little social time too, helping you feel less cut off from your old life.

When you get time, make sure you dedicate it to you

When you do manage to find some time for yourself, don’t go doing something for another person, make it about you, and you alone. Have a bath, paint your nails, go get your hair done – make sure it’s about you.

Photo Credit: Charlie Owen

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