Calling All Dads: What you Should be Doing to Help Out New Moms

Becoming a father is just as challenging and rewarding as becoming a mom, but there’s no denying that those first few weeks after your bundle of joy makes his or her appearance in the world can be testing for a relationship. So much focus is put on mom and the things she needs to be doing to care for baby, but what can dad do? And how can he make sure he is feeling as involved and helpful towards his partner?

Well, it’s basically about being a team, even when one is shouting at the other for not doing something, or snapping at the other out of tiredness – always remember that you are in this together. Aside from this, here are a few pointers towards what dad should be doing to help out the new mom in their life.

Be understanding, patient, and supportive

It can be hard in the face of a screaming woman to remain calm, but remember that the stress and upheaval of becoming a new mom can be overwhelming, just as the experience of becoming a new dad can feel the same. It’s easy to let your own feelings take over, but remember that hormones are playing a huge part here, as well as a totally life changing event that you need to embrace together. Be understanding of everything that is happening, supportive, and above all else, patient. You can’t expect certain parts of your relationship to be the same straight away, so patience here is the key.

Don’t take everything personally

You’re going to get snapped at, embrace this fact and make peace with it, but also remember not to take it personally, and avoid snapping back because this will simply lead to an argument that is totally needless and unnecessary.

Take turns with getting up in the night

This is probably the most obvious thing you can do, and it helps your partner get some sleep as well. When your new bundle of joy begins screaming the house down in the middle of the night, take it in turns, or have a night on and a night off, whatever works for you as a team.

Offer to take baby for a walk to let mom have a little time to herself

If you get a day off from work, or if you’re able to come home during your lunch break for an hour, offer to take baby for a walk so mom is able to have a nap, eat in peace, or do something just for her. This also gives you precious time to bond with your baby.

Help around the house

You might feel a little useless, a little forgotten, and this is totally normal, but in reality it isn’t the case. You are not useless, in fact there is much you can do to help, as well as helping out around the house, taking the load off your partner a little. This can be something simple like doing the dishes before you go to work, or doing the washing – every small task helps.

Helping out a new mom is as simple as thinking with your common sense, so use it, remember you’re a team, and that you’re in it together.

Photo Credit: US Army Africa

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