Qualifying for an ESA

Those who suffer from emotional and other mental disability can legally qualify to take the support of an ESA for which a medical certificate is required about the emotional disability of the person making such application. Such a certificate can either be provided by a therapist or psychiatrist or psychologist or any other medical or health professional. The certificate must be a properly framed and formatted letter satisfying all the requirements for making an application. Other physicians like cardiologist or optometrists does not qualify as a mental health physician to provide such a certificate.

The emotional support animal certification must be prepared on the professional letterhead of the doctor including the date and type of the license along with the license number and the state issuing such license. Some of the disorders which are considered as mental disability include TIC disorder, mental retardation, bipolar disorder, sexual disability, gender identity and many more. There are other disorder types which are approved by different states depending upon the degree of sensitivity. Detailed information about the list of qualifying disabilities can be btaind from the sites featuring such information.

Need for a support animal

For those who are unaware of the concept of an emotional support animal and the contribution it has in an individual’s life should know that it is a trained pet that provides therapeutic benefits to a person with mental and emotional disability. Such animals are governed by specific laws and rules that regulate the conditions to keep such animal at home or carry them somewhere. Otherwise, such pet owners possess no such right to carry their pets to places where pets are not allowed. These pets are trained extensively, lead a strict but loved life and take care of their owners in a way no human can.

With the amazing contribution of these animals in the life of a person, various laws have been formulated to accommodate these animals in places they are generally not allowed, such as in restaurants and airplanes. These pets sometimes referred to as comfort animals, companion animals or therapy animals are generally the household pets with no specific formalities. Besides providing emotional support these animals help people to recover from illness that is invisible to the common eye.

Flying with your emotional support pet

The Air Carrier Access Act among other recommendations provided by US-based airlines companies give detailed information about the qualifications for an ESA. The owner needs to explain to the airlines department that the animal is not a working service dog and is exclusively required for therapeutic support. Along with the emotional support animal certification a photo identity proof of the pet also needs to be attached to ensure that the person is the legal owner of the pet and it is well trained to be an ESA. Upon production of the requisite documents the airlines authority allows the mentally disabled person to be accompanied by the ESA. Moreover, the airlines authority has no right to charge any additional fees for allowing the pet in their airplane.

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