Prepping Time for Your New Baby

What should you buy new, and what should you buy used?

Looking forward to your new arrival is a time of joy and excitement, but it can also be a time of extreme shopping and expense. If this is your first baby in particular, you will need to start from scratch, and even if this isn’t your first new arrival, you may find that the equipment you had before needs replacing.

With this in mind, what do you need as essentials? And also, what should you certainly buy new, and what can you afford to buy used?

Definitely new

There are certain pieces of equipment which should only really be bought as new, and the first and most important is probably your car seat. This is argued a lot, as many people do buy them used, but really you should be placing safety at the top of your list, and a new car seat will give you up to date safety standards, without wear and tear. The same can be said for booster seats as your little one gets a little older.

Anything related to feeding should also be bought brand new, so we’re talking about bottles, teats, steriliser etc. Toy-wise, you should probably also be buying these new, so you’re sure that there are no loose pieces or unsafe parts.

You can go used on these

The rest of your buy it list is really quite fluid. Some people like to buy everything new, because it feels like a new adventure or a new start, however money doesn’t grow on trees, so if you can get some things used, then there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t. For example, clothes, provided they are clean, could certainly be bought used, and you will find plentiful buy and sell pages on social networking sites, such as Facebook.

A stroller is a very difficult piece of equipment to buy, because you need to get it right, but if you do manage to find a bargain second hand deal on a stroller, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for it, provided you check it out properly first and test all the necessary parts for stability and safety. The same can be said for a crib or bassinet – provided it is sturdy and still as good as new, you can easily grab a second hand bargain.

Finding ways to save money when you’re getting together all the equipment you need for your new baby’s arrival is easy when you can buy high quality second hand goods; simply check out the equipment for any obvious signs of wear and tear before you part with any cash.

Photo Credit: Evelien Berger

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