How to Pick a Stroller  

There are few more confusing jobs in life than choosing your first stroller. The options seem to be endless, and each particular high-tech feature seems to outweigh the next, making your decision seem like one of the most important you’ll ever make!

In reality however, choosing a stroller need not be that hard, and it’s simply a case of identifying your needs and budget, and finding something that fits into both boxes.

Ask yourself some important questions

Do you really want to splurge a considerable amount of money on top of the range equipment, or are you looking for something more lightweight and perhaps less painful on the wallet? What exactly do you need your stroller for – i.e. Are you going to be walking long distances over bumpy terrain? Are you going to simply go to the shops? Are you going to be carrying one child or more? Identify your needs and work from there.

Familiarise yourself with the market

There isn’t just one particular type of stroller, and if there was then this job would be so much easier! No, there are several types, including standard size strollers, car seat stroller frames, travel systems, lightweight strollers, double and triple strollers, and jogging strollers. You need to find out which suits your needs best, e.g. if you’re going to be walking a lot over bumpy pavements, then maybe a jogging stroller is a good idea for you. Obviously if you have two children to fit in your stroller then a double stroller is your go-to.

Shop around

This is a big buy, no matter which way you look at it, and this is also at a time when you probably won’t have money to burn. Price comparison websites are a good place to start, as well as checking regular sales, such as New Year, summer sales etc. If anyone wants to contribute towards your stroller needs, e.g. grandparents etc, then set yourself up a little savings kitty – every little in this case will help! Don’t just jump at the first option you find, explore a little and shop around to get the best deal for you and your new bundle of joy.

Look at reviews

Many people take reviews with a pinch of salt, but that can be a bit of a mistake. People generally write good things only if they really have something amazing to say, so you know if you find a great review on a particular piece of equipment, that you more often than not can trust it.

Picking a stroller isn’t rocket science, but it is something that needs careful consideration and a bit of shrewd bargain hunting before finally settling on your choice.

Photo Credit: To The Lake via photopin (license)

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