Five Essential Items to Keep at Grandma’s House  

Let’s face it, grandma’s house is a home away from home, and you and your new bundle of joy are going to be spending a decent amount of time there over the course of the next few years. Because of this fact, it makes sense to leave certain essential bits of kits at their house, so you a) don’t have to cart it around yourself, and b) you can make the grandparents feel very involved in your baby’s upbringing.

Having said that however, just what do you need to leave at grandma’s house, and what can you easily take with you on every visit? Well, as a little food for thought, here’s five suggestions of pieces of equipment you should certainly leave in place, to help create that home away from home feeling for both you and your little one.

High chair – Feeding time will be infinitely easier when your baby starts to sit up and eat solids if they have their own high chair at grandma’s. We know that getting them to eat when they just want to play and be distracted is difficult, so keeping a routine going is important, even if it’s just a familiar chair they sit in. There is the handy option of a chair top seat, meaning you simply place the feeding chair on a spare seat, securing it in place, so it can be stowed away after you’ve left for the day.

Playpen – Again, a baby on the move wants to crawl freely, and grandma’s house won’t be as up to date on no corners, no steps etc, likes yours will be at home. This is where a playpen comes in very handy, and if you can get one that folds up and can be stored away easily, you’re onto a bigger winner.

Toys – This goes without saying really, but a toy box full of colourful, attention-grabbing toys will keep your little one occupied whilst you’re trying to have a catch up with your mother or mother in law; think books, colourful rattles, soft toys etc.

Change of clothes – There will no doubt be an accident at some point, and a change of clothes handy will be, well, very handy! To stop you having to carry around too many spare changes, keep one at grandma’s house which can be washed afterwards, ready for your next visit.

Stroller – Perfect for an afternoon’s walk or simply for a wander around the garden, a lightweight stroller can easily be folded up and stored at grandma’s, so you can keep your main, probably heavier, stroller in the car.

These are the top five suggestions of pieces of equipment and must-have items you should certainly be storing at grandma’s house; of course, you could easily leave more if you felt it appropriate, but on the whole, these should see you through.

Photo Credit: Sean Dreilinger

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