Best Educational Apps for Pre-schoolers  

The last few years has seen a major boom in technology, mainly because of the iPad, which has spawned many other different variations on the same theme. You can either shun this trend, or you can embrace it and explore its positives. One of the major positives of this kind of technology is educational apps. Whilst you don’t want to encourage too much computer-style usage, there’s no denying that there are countless apps out there on the market which can help your little one learn important skills, supplementing what they will build upon as they start their education at school.

The market is flooded with such apps, so here’s a few ideas to help you pick the good from the mediocre.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

This is a hugely popular app which regularly comes up at the top of search lists, providing colourful puzzles which help pre-schoolers understand not only spatial awareness but visual too. This is one of those apps that is so fun, they won’t even realise they’re learning, with sorting, shapes, and colours amongst the many different learning points.

Bugs and Bubbles

Again, the best way forward is a colourful app which doesn’t feel like education, and instead is just full of fun. This particular app has games which include letter matching, writing, recognising shapes, and patterns too, with fantastic graphics and an easy to use format.

Montessori Crosswords

Learning about letter sounds is an important first step towards reading, and this app is great for that particular subject, including puzzles, crosswords, and letter games to help your little one understand the sounds particular letters make when blended together with other letters.

AlphaTots Alphabet

Learning A,B,C, is as easy as, well, A,B,C with this app! With the help of aliens and robots your little ones can navigate around 26 games, all designed to help them understand and learn letters and sounds. A great way to learn the alphabet with some serious fun.

Peg & Cat Big Gig

Music is a great way to learn, and singing is the way to learn maths with this app. With the help of Peg and Cat, the app’s main characters, your pre-schooler will learn how to count in ones and twos with music and singing the main theme. A fun twist on a maths favourite, and this will give them a major step upwards when they begin their schooling.

There are countless apps out there which will help your little one begin on the best path towards their education, the only task you need to complete is finding the best ones.

Photo Credit: Steel Wool

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